This class is broken up into two essential aspects of American life: Civics and Economics. The Civics portion of the semester will focus on the government and laws of the United States. As citizens of the United States, we are expected to follow certain rules and laws. This class will allow students to fully understand why we abide by these laws and the importance of them.
    The second portion of the semester will take the lessons learned through Civics, and apply these ideas to Economics. As a young adult, it is vital to understand proper money management. This Economics class will provide students with information that will be useful in everyday life.
    World Studies
    This class will examine the many diverse cultures that are spread out across the globe. We will look at each geographical region by focusing on one place at a time. While studying each region, we will be focusing on the main themes of this class: Geography, Global Issues, Religion and Family Patterns. The main goal of this course is to introduce and educate students on different cultures from around the world that they might not be familiar with.  
    Current Events
    5% of student’s grade will be based on their Current Events/Journal completion. Current Events will be incorporated into class nearly everyday. This will be done using a few different techniques. These include: internet webcasts of the national nightly news, newspapers, or Upfront Magazines. Students will be responsible for writing summaries, answering specific questions and actively taking part inclass discussions that revolve around current events topics.