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    American 1 
    This class covers early American history from Pre Columbus Native Americans through the end of the Civil War in 1865. The class will be guided with the use of Guided notebooks. Students are expected to complete their assignments in the notebook by the end of the chapter. Units Covered include Early American Civilizations and Explorations, Colonies, American Revolution, Constitution, War of 1812, Expansion, Causes of the Civil War, Civil War, and Reconstruction.
    World Studies
    This class will examine the many diverse cultures that are spread out across the globe. We will look at each geographical region by focusing on one place at a time. While studying each region, we will be focusing on the main themes of this class: Geography, Global Issues, Religion and Family Patterns. The main goal of this course is to introduce and educate students on different cultures from around the world that they might not be familiar with.  

    During the next 90 days we will take a journey through time, analyzing the key people, places and events that have shaped our great nation within the past century.  This course will cover a variety of topics including the cultural, social, economic and political changes and developments that have affected the United States between the years 1900 to the Present.  To ensure that students are well informed citizens, this course will also include a variety of current event activities.  This course’s ultimate goal is to study past successes and failures in order to ensure that the students will learn valuable lessons from those who have come before us.


     During this 90 day course students will learn about the basic freedoms that all of us, as American citizens, enjoy every day. We will discuss the various qualities that a good citizen possesses. We will cover all attributes and key elements of the local, state, and national government systems. Most importantly, we will learn about the rights, roles, and responsibilities each American citizen has within his or her community. We will also explore the basics of economics. Students enrolled in this STC Social Studies course will learn how to make reasoned economic decisions and will be provided ways to effectively participate in an increasingly competitive global economy. The impact of market influences and governmental actions on the American economy will be analyzed and discussed as well as a variety of current events and social issues.

    Current Events
    Current Events will be incorporated into class nearly everyday. This will be done using a few different techniques. These include: internet webcasts of the national nightly news, newspapers, or Upfront Magazines. Students will be responsible for writing summaries, answering specific questions and actively taking part inclass discussions that revolve around current events topics.


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