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    Mission Statement
    The mission of the Schuylkill Technology Center Postsecondary Programs is to enable the adult student to acquire the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and values necessary to become a lifelong learner and a productive citizen of a global economy by developing an educational pathway for excellence driven by a partnership with education, business, industry, government, family, and the community.

    Postsecondary Objective

    Our main objective is to train and test student drivers to obtain a Class-A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). At completion, students will be licensed to drive all commercial Class A and B trucks, e.g. tractor-trailer, tanker trailers, cement and dump trucks, utility vehicles and Hazmat vehicles.


    • Certified by PTDI Professional Truck Driving Institute
    • Approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education
    • Approved by the United States Department of Education for Pell Grants and for participation in the Federal Family Education Loan Program
    • Approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education for Veterans Training
    • Approved by the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation for the training of rehabilitation students