This program is offered to company-sponsored individuals on a part-time basis of one day per week for six hours/day.  The program is divided into levels of 90 hours/level.  Each level can be customized to provide job-related instruction and hands-on experience to assist employees in upgrading their current job skills.    Please call (570)874-1034, for further information.

    The Schuylkill Technology Center offers a planned sequence of Electromechanical/ Industrial Automation Robotics (EM/IAR) courses that are open to adults who are company-sponsored and require training in order to upgrade current job skills.   Students will learn the fundamental concepts and applications of industrial equipment and controls necessary to maintain most machinery in today’s automated workplace. For each level of the Electromechanical Technology program, a prerequisite of the previous level is necessary.  For an individual who has been working in the field, the instructor will test out that student and advise which level would be the best for him or her. 

    Students who successfully complete the entire EM/IAR course with a “B” or better average may request transfer credits toward an Associate’s Degree with Lehigh Carbon Community College.*

    The program is divided into a planned sequence of courses which includes:

    EMT I -            Basic Electrical Wiring

    EMT II -          Motors, Generators and Transformers

    EMT III-         Motor Controls

    EMT IV -        Industrial Electronics

    EMT V -         Digital Electronics

    EMT VI -        Programmable Logic Controllers I (Basic)

    EMT VII -      Programmable Logic Controllers II (Advanced)

    EMT VIII -     Hydraulics/Pneumatics

    EMT IX -        Robotics


    Individuals not having previous industrial experience must complete the series in the sequence listed above; therefore, prerequisites may be required. Documented similar field experience will be evaluated on an individual basis.  All courses must be completed to obtain a certificate in Electromechanical/Industrial Automation-Robotics.

    Each of the courses may be taken on an individual basis to upgrade current skills.  Each level is a 90-hour session.


    LOCATION:  North Campus, Frackville    

    Call for start date.