Students currently attending Schuylkill County school districts have the option to participate in a “Diversified Occupations” program offered through the supervision of the Schuylkill Technology Center. The Diversified Occupations (D.O.) one year program prepares students to develop marketable workforce skills through related theory assignments and job training connected with actual employment opportunities. A secondary student may apply for admission to the D.O. program under the following conditions: (1) STC does not offer a related occupational training program, or (2) STC program enrollments are to capacity. Specific student eligibility requirements include the following:
    • Parent/guardian approval
    • Full endorsement from sending district administration / staff
    • An approved job site (with worker’s compensation insurance)
    • Transportation (to and from the job site)
    • Valid PA driver’s license and insurance
    • Appropriate work dress
    • Required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • Necessary tools and/or equipment
    • STC/Employer Training Agreement
    The Diversified Occupations program is supervised by the STC Cooperative Education Coordinator, who will also administer one required 45 minute related theory class per week, which will include related workforce topics such as resume development, work ethics, and workplace safety. The employer and D. O. Coordinator will produce a “Training Plan” outlining the student’s job related tasks and responsibilities connected to current industry standards and OSHA safety regulations. Student evaluation will be determined by related theory assignments, and employer evaluations from the job site.