• Ms. Thomas Cosmetology

    As the Instructor of the Cosmetology program, I believe in the mission of the Schuylkill Technology Center. Our mission is to enable the student to acquire the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and values necessary to become a lifelong learner and a productive citizen of a global economy by developing an educational pathway for excellence, driven by a partnership, business, industry, government, family, and the community.

                I believe that each individual is a unique composite of the society in which he or she lives.  Consequently, each individual possesses characteristics unique to their own environment, thereby necessitating adaptations to the learning environment.

                I believe that the teaching-learning process imparts knowledge to an individual. Learning is the process by which an individual acquires, incorporates, and utilizes knowledge and skills. I also believe that learning is a life-long process. I believe that an educational pathway is driven by a partnership with education, business, and the community.

                I believe that the Cosmetology program is a process that integrates theory and practical experience in preparation for entrance into the workforce. Upon completion of the program, the learner is prepared to take their state board exam and become a future professional of the Cosmetology Industry.


    Student Paced Expectations

    Every day, students enter the cosmetology classroom. They have goals on the task boards for each day. This creates great expectations every day for each student to achieve.  The students have the opportunity to set their own” schedule” just like in real world salons.  They arrange each task in the order they feel is obtainable for them to complete the entire board for each day. This allows for students to become self -driven.    After attending the program, myself, and then becoming a professional stylist for 14 years in the salon, the students enjoy and really relate my experiences I share each day with them on obtaining their goals. After obtaining daily goals the students start to add more tasks to their own personal goal.  They relate the task boards to real world salon appointment books and strive to service more and more clients each day. My goal each day I enter the classroom is to prepare each student for the everyday salon life they will be entering.  I know what I struggled with when I left the program.  If I can prepare students to tackle each service to the best of their ability and prepare them the basics to build their clientele, I am confident they will succeed in the cosmetology industry.