• STC is a PennDOT certified third-party testing center.
    You can take your Class A or B driver’s exam with us.

    To schedule your test, please complete the REGISTRATION form and return it with a copy of your permit and the location where you took each of the following requirements – Theory, Range and Behind the Wheel training to the school via email at friem@stcenters.org. Once all of the items are received, the school will contact you with a date and time for your test.

    CDL Testing Requirements.
    You must bring all of these items with you at the time of the test.
    If your permit was issued on or after February 8, 2022 you must complete the required training as outlined by PennDot PRIOR to taking your driving test. 
    Valid Driver's License
    Truck Registration (Unless using our truck)
    Truck Insurance (Unless using our truck)
    Trailer Registration Unless using our truck)
    Trailer Insurance (Unless using our truck)
    Valid CDL Class A or B Permit
    The Co-Driver that you arrive with MUST have a valid CDL
    Payment (Credit/Debit Card, Check or Money Order)

    The cost for the testing varies on the total parts testing and the vehicle used.
    Full Test (all 3 parts) $400 if using your own vehicle
    Full Test (all 3 parts) $500 if using the school’s vehicle
    Partial Test (2 parts) $275 if using your own vehicle
    Partial Test (2 parts) $300 if using the school’s vehicle
    Retest (1 part) $225 if using your own vehicle
    Retest (1 part) $250 if using the school’s vehicle
    Pre-Trip Only $150 if using your own vehicle or the school’s

    After You Complete Your CDL Test:
    Wait 7 to 10 business days to receive your CDL in the mail
    If you have not received your CDL after 15 business days, please contact us at 570-874-1412

    Why Take the Test at Our PennDOT Certified Third-Party Testing Center?
    As a way to improve their customer service, PennDOT has decided to authorize a limited number of third-party businesses to administer the driver’s exam.

    What It Means to Be a PennDOT-Certified Third-Party Testing Center
    STC is held to the same high standards as any Pennsylvania DMV. As a certified testing center, all of our examiners are required to be PennDOT certified, meaning they are up to date with all of the latest rules of the road, as well as the newest testing requirements. Additionally, all of the routes used during the driver’s exam are PennDOT approved, which means that each route has the same requirements and that all Pennsylvania drivers will be tested on the same skills.