• Verification Process for Financial Aid

    If you received an email from the Schuylkill Technology Center’s Financial Aid office stating that you were selected for verification, please print the document(s) requested in the email, complete and return within 30 days.

    See Question 5 below for how to submit your verification documents.

    1. What is FAFSA Verification?
    FAFSA Verification is the process of reviewing a student’s FAFSA for accuracy. In this review, the financial aid staff compares the student’s FAFSA with information provided on the required verification documents. The information that is verified includes income, household size and if requested, high school completion status.  If differences are found, STC will correct the FAFSA and re-submit it to the U.S. Department of Education for reprocessing. STC will then recalculate the financial aid awards using the corrected FAFSA.

    Note: Students selected for verification cannot receive any federal aid, including student loans until they have completed the verification process.

    2. How are FAFSA records chosen for verification?
    Many students selected for verification are chosen randomly by the U.S. Department of Education. However, you are more likely to be selected for verification if the information you provided on the FAFSA was inconsistent, if the FAFSA you submitted was incomplete, or if your FAFSA contained estimated information. The verification process ensures that eligible students receive all the financial aid to which they are entitled and prevents ineligible students from receiving financial aid to which they are not entitled.

    3. What happens if my FAFSA is selected for verification?
    If your FAFSA is selected for verification, you will be notified by STC to the email account listed on your FAFSA. The email will be titled “Verification Forms for Financial Aid”.  The email will contain the documents required to complete FAFSA Verification. Once we receive all the required documents, we will complete your FAFSA Verification review. If any differences are found between the information you provided on your FAFSA and your verification paperwork, we will correct your FAFSA and re-submit it to the U.S. Department of Education for reprocessing. It is important to regularly check your email account for accurate verification updates and comments.

    4. What documents are needed to complete FAFSA Verification?
    Generally, a verification worksheet and documentation of Federal tax information are required. The specific listing of required verification documents will be included in the email that you receive from STC.

    5. How can I submit the required verification documents?
    Verification documents can be submitted using any of the following options.

    Schuylkill Technology Center
    Attn: Financial Aid Office
    101 Technology Drive
    Frackville, PA 17931
    Fax:  570-874-1252
    Email: friem@stcenters.org *Only PDFs can be accepted via email Please do NOT take a picture with a smartphone and email the picture.

    6. Is there a deadline for submitting and completing verification?
    Verification must be submitted within 30 days after notification of your verification selection.  However, it is in the student's best interest to complete FAFSA Verification as soon as possible. Our verification process can take approximately one week to complete from the receipt of all required documentation.  This means financial aid may not be awarded for approximately one week after we receive all of the required verification paperwork.

    Note: If a student or their parents have a unique income tax situation including divorce, death, tax-related identity theft, 401k rollover, or amended tax return, please notify our financial aid office.  We will explain how to provide the required documentation in these unique situations.

    7. Can I elect NOT to complete the verification process?
    Yes, you can elect to NOT complete the FAFSA Verification process. However, making this decision means that you forfeit access to all federal aid including student loans.  All financial aid in these categories will be placed on hold.

    Should this decision be reversed at a later time in the same academic year, then the verification review process would proceed. Once the verification review is successfully completed, all aid for which the student is still eligible would be reinstated.

    8. What if I have questions about this process?
    Contact the Financial Aid office by email at friem@stcenters.org  or by phone at 570-874-1412.