"Hey Mr. Kintzel. I just wanted to say thank you so much for this opportunity and for everything you've done for me. Before i came to the shop i had no clue who i was or what i would be doing with my life. My mom was against the idea of persuing a career in carpentry and my dad didnt really support me either. They both told me it was a mans feild and i should pick something else. You taught me so much more then just a trade. I learned who i was and what i was capable for so thank you so mich. I know im not the strongest but im gonna try to make you and the shop proud today. I promise ill do my best. Thank you again for everything you do."

    - Cameron 



    Was thinking about you the other day during work. I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me while I was at STC. Everything you taught me, tho I'm not a carpenter, I use everyday. 3-4-5 method to square the concrete forms, layout buildings and other useful tips you gave. I don't have to rely on structures to make wooden forms. I also can't thank you enough for influencing my decision to enlist especially with the job I have now. It's setting me up for much success when I decide, if I decide to get out. The horse is great I hope I'm here for my first 6 years at least. I'm deployed right now just outside Syria. Lots of work. We are just halfway through our deployment we have 6 PEBs started 2 done 1 finishing interior 1 with the steel currently being slung, and two with the footers, beams, and pads getting ready to be poured. At the end of the month we are about to go to 24/7 12 shifts. We have a full depth runway repair and a ramp to complete. I think we are gonna gonna do the ramp and next rotation will do the runway. The ramp is estimated to be 6-8,000meters of concrete. I forget to mention before I  use the transit all the time. Sometimes we have the laser level but most of the time we are using the Philly rod. Glad I remember that form tech. Hope to hear back from you and hope to meet up again when I'm home. Have a Happy and save Independence Day.

    P.s. I'm friends with a guy in supply I'll have a 820th hat for ya!