• What an awesome opportunity it is to be able to teach the next generation of law enforcement! After working as a line probation/parole officer for sixteen years, I am ready to share my knowledge and experience with young people as they prepare for a career in the streets, courtrooms and correctional facilities of Pennsylvania. I have two priorities that I wish to address throughout my curriculum: First, Honor and Integrity in law enforcement are of the utmost concern. It is my duty to send workers into the field with the character necessary to guide them throughout their careers. Second, students wishing to enter this field must have the ability to write reports that are clear and concise. Many departments now require a writing sample during the interview process. I intend to send students into the workforce that are seasoned report writers that have the ability to easily integrate into the many careers within the criminal justice field. It is my desire that graduates of our program are in high demand in the many criminal justice agencies in Schuylkill County and the surrounding area.

    Students will “earn their stripes” as a first year student, developing a deep understanding of content as they learn and write about the basics of the criminal justice system. As a second year student, they will build upon what they have learned and see how theory aligns with practice as they examine crime scenes, practice use of force, and learn CPR and First Aid. As third and fourth year student, they will learn police procedure as they write citations and criminal complaints; learn how to use a radio properly and the basics of security. They will also be in a position as leaders of the platoon to critically evaluate themselves and others as they progress in their training, as they take on roles as peer teachers and mentors.