• Admission requirements shall be consistent with federal and state laws and regulations, be based on sound educational practices, and ensure the equitable treatment of all eligible students. Students who reside within the 12 participating school districts, and who will be promoted to ninth grade or above may apply to attend the Schuylkill Technology Center (STC).

    All applications to STC must come through the participating school district’s guidance office.  Prospective students must complete the STC application to be considered for admission.  Please contact your school’s guidance department to speak with your counselor about applying to STC.  Completing the application is the first step in the process for a student to obtain entry to STC.

    Acceptance at STC is a privilege. All applicants should be in good academic standing, have good attendance, and demonstrate appropriate behavior for high school students.  Admission is granted on a pre-determined slot allocation for each participating district.  If all district slots have been used or if a program is full, applicants are placed on a waiting list for potential placement as openings occur.
    Students who have been in alternative placement should demonstrate successful completion of at least one semester at home school prior to admissions to STC.

    You can ensure career success in your future by making an informed decision today.  For more information about programs offered at STC, follow the link to our career clusters under admissions on the left. Or better yet, visit us in person during our open house scheduled for the fall and spring or during the district tour reserved specifically for your school.