• - STC Cooperative Education Testimonials -

    The STC co-op program has been a great source for us to find aspiring automotive technicians. It’s rewarding to help these students build upon their skills they learned at STC and prepare them for entry into the workforce.

    Steve Homola (STC 1986 Auto-Tech Graduate) 
    Service Manager - Bob Weaver GM/Chrysler, Pottsville

    The STC Cooperative Education program helped me to start building a fund to continue my education at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). Co-op has been a great experience for me to transition classroom skills into the workforce.
    David Wiley (2015 STC Graduate - Culinary Arts  Co-op Student)
    Mineshaft Restaurant, Ashland 

    I attended STC for masonry from 1987 to 1989 and participated in the cooperative education program my junior and senior year. In my opinion there is no better experience than to get actual training in the field. I feel it helped me get to where I am today as a business owner. It felt great to give back to a student this year the experience and training I had through the Co-op program and help him experience hands on training on the job site and interact with the customer.

    Kevin C. Reber (1989 STC Masonry Graduate) 
    Owner - KR Concrete & Masonry, Auburn

    STC Co-op has been a great experience for me to learn current skills needed in today's workforce.
    Grayson Valentine (2015 STC Graduate - Auto Technology Co-op Student)
    Bob Weaver Chevrolet-Buick-GMC, Pottsville

    Throughout my career teaching Masonry at the Schuylkill Technology Center, the cooperative education programs always provided "concrete" opportunities for our students to successfully transition out into the construction industry.
    Hugh A. Dougherty (Retired Masonry Instructor)
    Schuylkill Technology Center 

    The STC Co-op Program offered me the learning experiences I needed to continue to develop my carpentry skills.
    Carly Sassaman (2015 STC Graduate - Carpentry Co-op Student)
    Creative Kitchens, Hometown 

    I find the STC Co-op program an effective tool concerning the placement of students into the automotive collision repair industry. The students are well trained and educated by a competent staff as evidence of their workmanship on the job site.
    Steve Powley (1972 STC Collision Repair Graduate) 
    Assistant Body Shop Manager - R & R Auto Group, Schuylkill Haven 

    The STC Co-op program has allowed me to get "hands on" work experience while I am still in school. This has been an invaluable experience that I gained through this STC program. It gave me a chance to hone my skills as a mason and employee to prepare myself for the future.
    Josh Huneke (2015 STC Graduate - Masonry Co-op Student)
    Pine Creek Landscaping, Orwigsburg 

    The Cooperative Education program at STC has continuously proven to have an impact on our students as well as local industry. The relationships that are built and the experiences that are acquired are exceptional. The Co-op program creates significant opportunities for our students to engage in "realistic" work situations which are valuable throughout their career pathway.
    Stacey Minahan
    STC South Campus Assistant Principal, Mar Lin

    The Co-op experience helped me expand my knowledge in the food service industry and improve my relations with the customer; two areas which will be valuable to me as I plan to further my education at the Culinary Institute of America.
    Cheyanne Reichert (2015 STC Graduate - STC Co-op Student)
    Boyers Markets, Orwigsburg 

    We have utilized a few of the well-trained students from the Welding Technology program at STC and have always been impressed.  The obvious hands-on training allows me to integrate the student into my work flow much quicker than non-STC employees.  The fact that the students have a passion for what they are learning and being taught by excellent instructors combines to make for a very competent addition to our team.
    Zachary Vaughn
    President - AtoZ Fabrication, Inc., Schuylkill Haven

    The Co-op program gave me the opportunity to work with auto senior-techs as during my senior year. This allowed me to jump start my career and pave the way for my first job as an auto-tech after graduation.
    Justin Gradwell (2005 STC Auto-Tech Graduate - STC Co-op Student)
    Bob Weaver Chevrolet-Buick-GMC, Pottsville

    The STC Co-op program provided me with on the job experience in the area of residential wiring and the opportunity to earn money while still attending school. 
    Caleb  Brommer (2016 STC RIE Graduate - STC Co-op Student)
    Pleasant Valley Homes, Pine Grove