All “Safety Rules” apply to STC Carpentry Shop and off-campus work projects.


    1. Safety glasses are required for all shop activities and off campus work projects.
    2. Work type shoes (no sneakers) are required.
    3. Avoid wearing baggy clothing that may get caught in moving machinery.
    4. Dress in layers in cold weather conditions.
    5. Long pants, and shirts with 4” sleeves are required in the Carpentry shop.
    6. Remove rings, watches, chains, and other jewelry for all carpentry work.
    7. Long hair must be tied back .
    8. Never carry tools in your pockets.
    9. Use a sunscreen (#15) to block out harmful ultra-violent radiation from the sun.
    10. Use appropriate (PPE) personal protective equipment for the job situation: hard hats, hearing protection, gloves, etc.
    1. When lifting materials, keep back straight,bend knees, and lift with your legs.
    2. Before opening a can or container, read the label.
    3. Keep materials stacked in straight, neat piles.
    4. Stand clear of overhead and suspended loads.
    5. When moving materials, keep your fingers,hands, and feet out of pinch points.
    6. Remove or bend down protruding nails,staples, and screws.
    7. Dispose of scrap materials (and personal trash; bottles, lunch bags, etc.)daily.
    8. Keep walkways, stairs, and work areas clear of materials and debris.
    1. Know fire extinguisher locations.
    2. Learn fire extinguisher operations (posted one extinguisher label).
    3. Fire classifications: Class A: wood, Class B:gas, Class C: electrical, Class D: metals
    4. Store flammable liquids in approved closed containers.
    1. Treat all electrical wiring as powered and “live”.
    2. All electrical sources must be grounded (GFCI), or double insulated.
    3. Use a lockout tag on a broken machine, or to prevent accidental power start-up.
    1. Do not operate a power tool unless you have been properly trained.
    2. Operate power tools according to the manufacturers’ instruction manual.
    3. Machine guards must be used for all operations.
    4. Never carry a power tool by the cord or hose.
    5. Do not talk to machine operators.
    6. Allow a power tool to reach its operating speed before you use it.
    7. Never stand in front of an abrasive wheel as it may disintegrate.
    8. Compressed air guns and air nozzles should never be pointed at anyone.
    9. Disconnect power tools before making adjustments (changing blades, bits, etc).
    1. Always “face” your ladder when going up or down.
    2. Do not over-reach on a scaffold or ladder.
    3. Follow all regulations and instructions posted on ladder and scaffolding labels.
    1. Report all accidents and injuries to the Instructor immediately.
    2. Know the location of the nearest “first-aid kit”.
    3. Know the location of power-kill buttons or service panel box on the job site.
    4. Clean up slippy areas such as oil and paint spills.
    5. Access to Carpentry shop work area by visitors is prohibited.
    6. The use and possession of alcohol, or illegal drugs will be disciplined.
    7. Horseplay is unacceptable in the Carpentry program or on the job site.
    8. Know the location of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and their applications.
    9. Workplace violence will not be tolerated; and result in disciplinary measures.
    10. All audio systems and associated earphones are prohibited.
    11. Theft of equipment and/or materials will result in disciplinary measures.
    12. Be careful working on slippy materials: plastics, plywood, house wraps, etc.
    13. Keep the job site sanitary. Clean areas that are used for water and food.