The mission of the Schuylkill Technology Center is to enable the student to acquire the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and values necessary to become a life-long learner and a productive citizen of a global economy by developing an educational pathway for excellence driven by a partnership with education, business, industry, government, family, and the community.

    The Schuylkill Technology Center believes that:
    • Education is the responsibility of the student, parents, teachers, and the community
    • All individuals can learn, but learning occurs at different rates through diversified learning styles
    • Individuals are more successful when they are active participants and demonstrate learning
    • Individuals are more successful when they set goals, make choices, and accept responsibility
    • Individuals enrich their learning by participating in family, school, and community activities
    • Humanity prospers when people work together
    • Diversity enhances growth and strengthens society
    • Excellence is achievable and a worthwhile investment
    • Learning is a life-long process that is essential for economic stability
    • The future of our society depends on the effectiveness of a high-quality education